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  • Tenaja Home Design and Energy Consulting Services
    Energy analysis and Title 24 preparation service by a Certified Energy Plans Examiner - CEPE - certified in thermal environmental engineering. Get a thorough energy analysis for the home you're customizing instead of someone just calculating numbers into a computer program. Tenaja Home gives you the extra edge to help you establish a more energy efficient home.

  • Steam Cleaners and Ionic Air Cleaners Sold on TV Infomercials
    Help make your home a happy place by using those amazing floor cleaners you've seen on tv like Oxiclean and Orange Glo. You will also find Ionic Breeze, steam cleaners and oreck vacuum cleaners. Several of the products have even been featured on television.

  • Tips on How to Have an Ever Green Tree
    The leaf longevity in evergreen trees may vary from just more than one year (shedding the old leaves immediately once the the new leaves are present), or even up to forty-five years depending on the evergreen tree type. but it's important to know that there are only a few species of evergreen shrubs and trees that keep their leaves more than 5 years.

  • Hints for Your Next Home Improvement Project
    Home improvement is the process of adding to or renovating the home. although a licensed handyman can be hired to make home improvements, more often home improvements are completed on an amateur "do it yourself" basis by the physical homeowner.

  • Landscaping - Designs, Landscape Design Ideas, and Projects
    The Landscape Design Site is a free do it yourself resource giving professional landscaping and garden design, ideas for front yard, and pictures, home curb appeal, and backyard landscaping.

  • Home Gardening Information Written by a Horticulture Master
    There is so much information about making an excellent and low maintenance garden to accompany your house. like deciding on the proper vegetables, shrubs, plants, and flowers, as well as finding the greatest landscape design for your garden. So if you're on a mission to make a garden for your home, Click here for home gardening information available from Horticulture professional, Gail Barton, who has over 20 years of experience telling others her gardening secrets.

  • Levolor Blinds and Custom Blinds Resource Catalog.
    Altering the appearance of your home won't ask for any more exertion than putting in window blinds. This might not seem like a big task, Yet when you get custom blinds put in you will discover the big difference it makes in the way your house feels. You will view that shutters or blinds add a look of elegance to your rooms and you'll be able to moderate the quantity of light that comes in your windows and the quantity of privacy you may desire and need.

  • Sauna Kit
    Saunas have been used for years and years. The native Indians had a steam lodge, the Fins had Finnish sauna. A sauna is a fantastic way to soothe aching muscles and lower tension. A home sauna kit can easily be installed in any house.