Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

Dogs, our beloved pets are prone for many health problems, if they are nourished, and care properly. There are so many illnesses that affect the health of the dog. Hence the dog owners must be aware of the importance of hygienic nutritious food, hygienic surrounding of the dog and doghouses and the need of the proper vaccination that will protect the dog from deadly viral diseases like rabies. Let get to the facts about one of the common dog illness, ring worm here.

What is ring worm?

Ring worm is nothing fungal infection of the dog that affect the appearance as well as the health of the dog.

What are the signs of the ring worm infection?

One can notice the small area in the body of the dog without hair. That portion of the dog will have scaly skin. One can notice presence of pustules in that region. The size of the affecter area will gradually grow in size over the period of time. The dog may have itching feeling. These kinds of lesions are more noticed in the head, tail, and leg.

How to diagnose the ring worm infection?

There are several procedures are in place to diagnose the ring worm infection. The most popular procedure is use of wood's lamp. It is a specialized black light lamp. The presence of ring worm can be confirmed as they emit fluorescent color when woods lamp light is focused on them. In case if the infection is with m.canis or t. mentagrophytes wood's lamp will not be useful in diagnosis as they do not emit fluorescence.

How to treat ringworm?

If the health condition of the dog is normal, these lesions will heal on his or her own in the span of four months. In severe case the treatment is warranted. The hair around the lesion must be trimmed or removed with out irritating the skin of the lesion otherwise the ringworm infection will tend to spread to the neighboring areas. After the clipping or trimming is over tropical anti fungal creams such as miconazole cream, lotrimin cream are applied over the lesion and the dogs must be protected from licking the wound and medication.

In more severe cases in addition to the cream application antifungal shampoo [miconazole 2%, ketoconazole, chlorhexidine 0.5%] and antifungal dips [lime sulfur, chlorhexidine 2%] are must. It is also recommended that oral antifungal agents like griseofulvin, and itraconazole be tried to bring about the cure much faster.

The common dog illnesses can be prevented from bothering the dog as well as the owner if the dogs are care well.


Pustules - the nodules filled with pus
Pus- whitish thick fluid is nothing but the collection of dead white blood cells.