Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

Dog health in older is a problem. Let us first know how many years the famous pet animal dog can live? There is no clear-cut answer for this. But one can be very sure that the smaller dogs live longer than the larger dogs. Another interesting factor is that the female dogs live longer than the male dogs. Likewise the dogs that live inside the house with us survive longer than the dogs that are living outside the house.

The above-mentioned facts are just general observations. There is a possibility that the dog can survive above or below their average life span. Now days the dogs live longer because of the increased veterinary care and the extra care given by the pet owners.

The signs of old age

The dogs are no different to human being as far as the physiology is concerned. The ageing is common in all species, so also to dogs. Just like the case of human being the presence of white hair indicates that the dog is getting older. Whiskers are the first that turns white. Then the white hair spreads to the entire nose. Then the white hair spreads all over the body.

The skin of the older dogs will be without elasticity and they appear greasier. The dogs will turn blind gradually as the eyes will become opaque. The alertness will be lost. The dog will not respond to the master's call, as it will be deaf. The dog will eat well even if it is totally blind by the smell of the food as the sense of smell won't be lost that easily even at the old age.

Care at the old age

Due to the age factor the dog will not be as active as it was. The dog will try to sleep most of the time. As the activity of the dog has become less, the owner must reduce the food that is offered to the old dog. Otherwise the dog will put on more weight, which will further complicate the dog health in older age. The dentition of the dog will not be as strong as it was at younger age. Some of the teeth must have been lost. Hence one must give the food that is not hard and easily digestible.

Dogs that are between nine to twelve years will be more susceptible for heart problems. Hence never give the dog any kind of strenuous exercise at that age. The immune system of the older dog will be not all that dog and the chances of getting the tumors are more. The tumors if they are benign the owner should not hesitate to get it operated.

Hence by caring the like our old companion, the dog health in older age and problems can be reduced to the maximum. The senility can be delayed but cannot be avoided.


Immune system - the system in the body that protects the animal from the disease
Tumor - excess growth of a particular type of cell.