Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

Dog health problems like bloody stool, diarrhea is many. The health of the dog protected if they are vaccinated against viral diseases, given nutritious food, groomed well and maintained in clean environment.

Bloody stool may be melena or hematochezia. Melena is nothing but the digested blood present in the stool of the dog. The stool will appear tarry and dark due to the presence of digested blood. Whereas in hematochezia, the blood present in the stool is fresh. Compared with hematochezia, melena is very serious condition. Melena can never be ignored as it is a life threatening illness.

The causes of bloody stool

Cancer, infectious agents, certain drugs, presence of foreign body in the intestine or stomach, inflammatory condition of the digestive system intestine, bleeding disorders [coagulopathies], hemorrhagic gastro enteritis, metabolic diseases that results in ulceration of the intestine or stomach, ingestion of heavy metals, ingestion of blood, gastrointestinal ischemia and preoperative hemorrhage are the possible causes of melena.

The possible complications

Diarrhea, pale gums, vomiting, weight loss, excessive urination, excessive drinking, and poor appetite are noticed along with the presence of black stools.

Diagnosis of melena

The condition called melena can be diagnosed easily by seeing the dark colored stool. But in order to find out the underlying cause below mentioned tests are done. They are biochemical profile, urinalysis, examination of the feces, coagulation profile, complete blood count, chest and abdominal radiographs, endoscopy, and abdominal ultrasonography.

Treatment for melena

The dog can be treated as an outpatient if the bleeding was mild and the underlying cause was removed already. Since the digestive system is affected the food that is bland and easily digested must be given to the dog. The gastrointestinal irritants like aspirin, corticosteroid and non -steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs must be avoided. The medications that block the production of stomach acids and coat the intestine must be provided to the dog. In more severe case the dog must be hospitalized for blood transfusion and fluid therapy.

Home care

At home incase the animal is treated as put patient, it is the duty of the pet owner to follow the suggestions and recommendations of the veterinarian as suggested. Dog health problem like bloody stool is a life threatening condition if not treated when the condition is mild. The animal must be watched carefully. The dog must be alert and not dull. The appetite of the diet should be normal and there should not be any left over meal. The stools must be watched regularly to see if there is any improvement or deterioration. In case of deterioration, it must be reported to the veterinarian immediately.

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Melena -fresh blood in the stool
Stool - feces of the dog