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Caring the dog from spoiling the lawn by urine, is spot of bother for the pet owners who have equal passion in maintaining their lawn. This is because when the dogs are allowed to roam freely in the lawn, they will certainly pass the urine indiscriminately after all, they are only animals.

The dog's urine is rich in nitrogen and the ph level is also high. As the result the grass in the lawn is burned to death and the beauty of the lawn is spoilt, thus breaking the heart of the lawn lover. Let us discuss about the problem and tips that help to prevent the same.

There is an interesting observation about the dog urine and spoilage of the lawn. The female dogs spoil the grass more than the male dogs. Why so? The male dogs generally pass urine on something that is upright. This is the way of marking their region or territory. On the contrary the females pass the urine in squatting position as they are squatters.

In case of male dogs the urine that reaches the ground or grass is less as they are passed on the thing that is upright. Hence the nitrogen concentration that reaches the grass is less so also the damage to the grass. But in case of female dogs, the urine reaches the grass in full quantity and you can imagine the damage they can cause to the grass.

Besides that ,the dead grass spot seen in the centre of the lawn[ due to female dogs] will impart more ugly look than the dead grass spot seen around the pole or corner of the lawn [ due to male dog's urine].

How to prevent lawn spoilage by dog urine?

There are so many food supplements and food additives that are available in the market, which have the ability to neutralize the acidity of the dog's urine when consumed. In this procedure, there is a very big disadvantage. Though these supplements are nothing but vitamins and additives, altering the ph level of the dog's urine is not at all desirable as this may lead to serious consequences.

This being the case, treating the lawn is much better option than treating the dog. Regular and frequent watering of the lawn and watering the "spot of bother" specifically will prevent the lawn from getting spoiled by dog's urine.

Repairing the spoiled area

Repairing the affected area is possible by planting the seeds again and watering the area properly. In case the area affected is small, it will determinate on their own.

The best option for caring the dog from damaging the lawn by its urine is training the dog to urinate in specific area in the lawn. Usually the place will be filled with gravel so that look of the lawn is not disturbed.


Nitrogen - it is the chemical that is present in the urine of the animal.
Vitamins- these are important nutrients required for the dog.