Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

Dogs are the most preferred animals among all other pet animals. The dogs show lots of love and affection to the owner. They go about their job diligently and will be liked by one and all in the family. There are many breeds of dogs. Some breeds are for fancy while some other breeds for the safety of the house. There are so many questions about the dog health for which the owners require the answer. Here are few questions and the explanation for the kind perusal of the dog lovers.

How often one should bath the dog to keep the skin problems at bay?

If you find the hair of the dog soiled with feces and other material, you must remove the dirt immediately. This does not mean the dog needs to be bathed. All you have to do is just leave the dirt to dry for some time and brush it out when it had dried completely. The dogs can be bathed once in two months. Frequent cleaning is not advisable as the natural waterproof structured of the hair will get damaged. One can use the softeners while bathing. Cleanliness will certainly keep the skin problems and other health problems at bay.

Is it required that the dog should be taken to the same veterinarian all the time?

It is really prudent to consult the same veterinarian. The reasons are many. The regular veterinarian will have the history of the dog. The dog also must have used to the familiar environment. In case you go to the other veterinarian, the diagnostic tests conducted already may need to be repeated which is a costly affair and the dog also will be under stress. But in case the treatment given to the dog is not satisfactory and the dog is not showing any sign of recovery, one can consult the other veterinarian without any hesitation.

What are the visible symptoms to understand that the dog is getting old?

The senility sets in slowly in dog .the changes are gradual. The first indication is the color of the hair. The hair will become paler. For example in case of golden retriever the hair will almost turn white. The dog's teeth will loose its strength. This can be noticed by the left out tough material like bone in the food. The dogs become obese as it gets older irrespective of the same quantity of food that receives. The reason is reduced activity. The eye sight will not be proper. Partial deafness can be noticed as the dog won't respond to the owners call as it used to respond earlier.

The dog owners must get cleared all their questions about dog health protection at house level from the veterinarian as prevention is the better than cure.


Diagnostic test - the test that are conducted to find out the cause of the disease.
Golden retriever - a breed of dog.