Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

Dog health problems are many. Some breeds of dogs are genetically prone for certain heath problems. The large and heavy breeds are more prone for heart problems, obesity related problems and joint problems. There are so many killer diseases of viral origin. The dog may get physical injuries as they run here and there. The digs may also get infested with parasites both external and internal parasites.

Let us discuss about the general health tips to avoid the heath problems from affecting the dog as they are the most preferred pet animals because of their attitude, look and expression of love to words the owner.

General Health Tips

The chew toys that used in order to clean the teeth and to import strength to the gums should be clean, digestible or organic. This is must in order to avoid the intestinal tract complications like diarrhea, constipation etc.

Some dogs will indulge in plant chewing, wood chewing, rock chewing, dirt eating etc. these activities of the dog should not be considered as vices of the dog and punished. These activities suggest that the dog is suffering because of lack of sufficient trace animal in the food that is provided to the dog, which needs to correct by adding the trace minerals in the food.

In order to prevent the tartar formation in the teeth of the dog, they must be provided with dog bones like milk bones. Lactating dogs must be given extra care as they converting lot of nutrients in to milk. Hence the food that is provided to them must take care of the nutrients lost in the milk formation. In general the lactating dog s must be fed three times a day and the food must contain variety of supplements.

When it comes to giving medication to the dog, never do so without consulting the veterinarians some of the medicines such as acetaminophen will be a poison to the dogs. In case of using the flea products are very cautious, get the opinion from the veterinarian and read the labels carefully before using them.

Health tips - summer

You may carry the dog with you in the car for some place for some reason. If it is the summer time never keep the dog inside the car with the windows closed and engine off. The dogs cannot tolerate the heat that will be generated inside the car during summer.

Take the dog for regular exercise. Taking the dog for walking one a day is enough. In case of summer early morning or evening is the best time for walking. Never make the dog to stand on hot platform or floor for any reason as their foot pads will get burned soon. Provide the animal plenty of cool water and shade during summer.

If the pet owner follows the tips discussed, and give the dog well balanced diet and required vaccinations, then he can keep the dog health problems away.


Parasites - the organisms that live in the body of the animal and take the nutrients from the animal for its survival.
Balanced diet - the diet that contain nutrients like water, protein, fat, carbohydrate in required quantity.