Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

The newborn puppies are more susceptible for the health problems as their immune system will be just in the phase of development. Puppies must be cared well to prevent them from any kind possible infection and other problems. Let us discuss about the puppy health problems here.

In the puppy care, the first and fore most things is making the pup drink the colostrums, the first milk of the mother dog, which is rich in antibodies. The puppies will start drinking the milk two to three hours after the birth. The important point that needs to keep in mind is the absorption of the colustrum will be at its peak after eight hours from the time of birth in puppies.

The absorption level will be very low in pups after twenty-four hours from the time of birth. In case you have any doubt about the absorption of colustum by the pup, you need to contact the veterinarian as early as possible. He will check the antibodies absorption level through blood test and inject the serum of the mother under the skin of the pup in order to protect the pup from infection.

Caring orphan pup

The other major puppy healthy problem the pet owner face is the maintaining the orphan pup. In case the mother of the pup dies or there is no milk in the mother of the pup due to various reasons, then things become really difficult for the pet owner.

The puppy's thermoregulatory system will be so week that it cannot maintain its body temperature; hence hypothermia is one of the major killers as far as newborn pups are concerned.

In order to avoid this from occurring the pups must be maintained in 85 degree Fahrenheit temperature for two weeks. Heat lamps are the best option. Warm water bottles and blankets can also be used but they cause burns if not used properly.

Nutrition to the orphan pup is the other problem that needs to be got over. Neither the commercial milk nor the homemade milk can be considered as the perfect replacement for the mother's milk. Cow's milk can be considered by its protein content is low. Goat milk cannot be considered at all.

Any other milk replacer that you try for the orphan pup will invariably result in slow growth and development of cataract. Making the pup drinking the milk from the bottle is another difficult task. You can contact the veterinarian who will guide in training the dog to drink milk from the bottle.

By following the tips discussed above and by giving proper vaccination to the pups the puppy health problems can be tackled with ease.


Puppy - young one of the dog
Hypothermia - low body temperature