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Waukesha dog day care is one of the services of the Waukesha kennel club. This club was founded in the year 1961. Waukesha kennel club is located in Wisconsin [south eastern]. This club is a non-profit organization.

The dog breeders, dog exhibitors, and AKC judges are all the members of Waukesha kennel club. These members of the Waukesha kennel club participate in obedience trials, dog shows, breed performance tests like hunting test etc. this Waukesha kennel club has contributed so much in the development and advancement of in breeding of pure bred dogs all over the Wisconsin state besides the Waukesha county.

Waukesha kennel club other services include dog supplies, dog boarding, dog travel, dog cemetery etc. there is twenty four hour helpline toll free in the club, which will provide answers for any query related to dog. This club is very generous in offering aids [monetary benefit] to many dog-related organizations.

Dog day care unit basic requirements

Waukesha dog day care is one of the many services provided by the Waukesha kennel club. The dog care facility offered by any organization must be within the budget of the normal income family. The staffs of the dog day care unit must be well trained.

The day care unit must be conveniently located. The day care unit's surrounding must be clean and spacious enough for group of dog playing, running etc together. It is the duty of the dog owners to visit the place and look for the facilities themselves before sending the dog to the dog day care unit.

Things to be considered

The owners must see whether the dogs are allowed to play and watched simply by the supervisors or the supervisors take part in the dog' play. It is better to select the place where the supervisors take part in the game played by the dog. If the dogs are made to play without proper supervision, they may get involved in fight and in the process may get injured.

In some day care units the dogs are made follow basic obedience commands utter by the supervisors. This is a best practice as the pet owner can follow the same commands at the home. The place, I mean the day care unit must not be overcrowded with the dogs. If so the dogs won't get required attention, which is not at all preferable. Besides the spread of disease from one dog to the other will be faster, if the place is overcrowded. The food that is provided to the dog must be hygienic and nutritious.

All the above-mentioned requirements are met in Waukesha dog day care, hence the same is recommended for those who want the best dog day care service.


Kennel club- club for dog lovers, dog breeders, veterinarians etc
Pure Bred - the dogs belonging to the single, original breed.