Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

There are many, many dog diseases. The diagnosis of the dog illness is mainly based on the signs and symptoms that are exhibited by the ailing dogs. But the confirmation of the disease is after the lab test. Let us discuss about the diagnosis of dog illnesses that are very common here.

Canine viral hepatitis

This is a viral disease that affects the younger dogs mostly. The organ affected is liver and the blood vessels inner lining. Usually the virus discharged from one dog causes the infection to the other dog. The diagnosis of this dog disease can be performed if the dog is found to have vomition, lack of appetite, excessive thirst, abdominal hemorrhages and tenderness in the abdomen.


Bloating of the dog is supposed to be a very serious and life threatening condition. This condition is also called as gastric dilation volvulus. Some breeds are predisposed to this condition otherwise the common cause is overeating. Diagnosis of the condition is difficult as the symptoms noticed in the animal are generally inconclusive. The dog suffering from this condition will be restless. The dog will be restless and the heaves will be dry.

Aortic steonosis

This is nothing but the partial obstruction of the blood vessel that leaves from the left ventricle. The blood vessel is aorta which carries the purified blood all over the body through its branches. The reason is nothing but inherited disorder. The dogs with mild obstruction will not exhibit any clinical signs. In case of severe stenosis the exercise tolerance of the dogs will be very poor. The dog may faint as the blood supply to the brain is inadequate when put under exercise.

Canine distemper

This is a disease caused by viral infection. The immune system of the dogs is affected. The virus that spread the infection can be noticed in all the excretions of the dog. The virus can spread the infection by traveling through air also. The infected dogs die in most case. The dogs that survive the infection will have permanent muscle twitching and neurological disturbances like convulsions. the symptoms that help in the diagnosis of this disease are very high fever [105 degree Fahrenheit] , anorexia, depression, nasal discharge, eye's filled with pus, convulsions, vomition and diarrhea.=

Canineparvo virus

This is yet another viral disease that affects the pups below six months old. The affected organ is intestinal tract. The other organs that are affected are lymphoid tissue, bone marrow and immune system. The symptoms that help for the diagnosis of dog illness [canine parvo virus] are fever, vomition, diarrhea, dehydration, coughing, difficulty in breathing, loss of weight and sudden death at times.


Left ventricle - the compartment of the heart that pumps the purified blood to all parts of the body.
Convulsions - nervous disorder like fits.