Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

The major worry the pet owners all over the globe have is to protect the dog's heath. The list of diseases that come to the dog is very big. Like the human being the dogs do have metabolic diseases, viral diseases, bacterial diseases, fungal diseases, parasitic infestations, genetic disorders, physical injuries. The dog's health problem symptoms are different and specific to the disease. Let us discuss here few dog health problem symptoms that help to diagnose the disease.

Parvo virus

Weight loss, fever, vomiting, nasal discharge, us filled eyes, loss of weight, dehydration, and diarrhea is noticed from the dog , then the dog may be suffering from canine parvo virus. Canine parvo virus is a viral infection that is very common in dogs. This disease affects the puppies that are below six months of age. The targeted site is intestinal tract but bone marrow, and lymphoid tissues of the dogs are also affected. Vaccination is the only option available to prevent this disease.

Disorder of the skin

In case the dog is found to have scratching, skin inflammation, itching, and discharges from the skin, then the skin disorder is suspected. The cause of the skin disorder may be external parasite, internal parasite, hereditary, food allergy, chemical substances, fungal infection etc. the skin disorders are of two categories. They are hereditary skin disorder and acquired skin disorders. You'll have to watch out for these dog sickness symptoms.

Problems of the eye

Inflamed and swollen eyes, more quantity of tear filled in the eye, reddening of the eye etc are indicating that the dog is suffering from some skin ailment. There are so many eye problems. The eye problem can be due to disease [glaucoma, retinal degeneration, cataracts] or trauma [injury, scratch of other animal like cat].

Ear problems

If the dogs is found to have discharges from the ear, scratching the ear and constantly shaking the ear then there is some ear problem for the dog. The cause of the ear problem can be bacteria, virus, trauma, mites, allergies etc. some breeds of dogs are more susceptible for ear problem, and especially those have floppy ears. The dogs that like to swim can get this problem more often than not. The infectious agents multiply well in the humid, warm condition of the ear and set up the infection. The key is to be alert of these dog illness symptoms and take them to the vet immediately if you think they're acting unusal.


If there is a sudden change in the behavior of the dog, excessive salivary secretion from the mouth, turning aggressiveness, tendency to bite indiscriminately, no response to the master's call, then one can suspect rabies infection. The cause of the infection is virus that belongs to rhabdo group. The vaccination is the only option left for protecting the dogs from rabies.

The dog owner must be aware of the dog health problems symptoms so that he can call veterinary help as early as possible in order to save the animal from serious complication.


Rabies - the deadly disease of the dog causes by virus
Virus - it is a micro organism that causes various diseases in dogs and other animals including human beings.