Answers to Your Sick Dog Health Illness Symptom, Problems, and Care Questions

The dog illness diagnosis is not all that easy but there are certain symptoms and indications that will help us to diagnose the illness of the dog. However the best thing to do is to take the pet to the veterinarian instead of trying any over the counter drugs and home medications. Discussed below are some of the signs and symptoms that will suggest the veterinarian or the pet owner the problem the dog is facing.

Feces of the dog

In case there is unpleasant smell in the faces there is a possibility of digestive disturbances. If one notices the presence of blood in the faces, then there are chances for intestinal obstruction, colitis, and the presence of any unusual object. In case the color of the faces is abnormal, one can certainly think of any infection. At times there can be mucus present in the faces. In this case digestive disturbances and presence of foreign object can be suspected. Constipation is the indication that there is digestive disturbance which may be due to anal gland enlargement, pelvic fracture, perennial hernia, damage of the intestinal nerve damage. Diarrhea is the other common sign that is noticed. The reason could be parasitic infection, food allergy and poisoning. You will want to see a vet for those dog health problems symptoms.

Urine of the dog

Abnormal odor is the indication of hepatorrenal problems. Presence of blood in the urine is indication of renal infection, cystitis and internal trauma. The color change suggests the presence of renal infection and diabetes mellitus. At times the dog may be experiencing difficulty while urinating. The reasons may be renal insufficiency, cystitis, renal infection and dehydration. The excess production of urine may be due to diabetes, Cushing's syndrome, nefrosis, hepatic disease, and urogenetal infection.

The skin of the dog

At times bad smell can be noticed from the skin of the dog. The possibilities are skin complications, hormonal complications and dermatitis. At times the dog may be licking or scratching a particular place frequently. This may be due to allergies of different types and dermatitis. Presence of utricary indicates anaphylactic shock or skin allergies.

Behavior of the dog

In case of internal ear problems, neurological disturbances and poisoning disorientation can be noticed. Loss of balance in the dog can be due to meningitis, neurological disturbances and apoplexy. Apathy and isolation can be due to rabies, pain, poison and infectious diseases. Anorexia is suggestive of digestive diseases, hepato- renal diseases and alteration in the level of hormones.

If the dog owner observes any of the indications mentioned above and inform the veterinarian, the sick dog's diagnosis is easy for the veterinarian.


Hepatorrenal - liver and kidney
Anorexia - loss of appetite